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Grass Drinking Straws

100% Natural

100% Organic

100% Biodegradable

Better for your drinks, Better for the environment.
A proud product of Sri Lanka

The drinking grass straws were born with much greater value beyond just simply discovering a new alternative solution to around the world as well as
the natural connection between humans to Mother Nature that aims for sustainable development.

SMART straws fully meet the requirements of quality, hygiene, eco- friendly characteristics and are good for consumer’s health.Our drinking straws made of grass and nothing else, 100% natural, no preserve, no chemical, We are the very first manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

Eco friendly straws have been helping the world become greener and cleaner. More than that, they also bring us hope for the potential of many better natural materials in the future.

More importantly, we made SMART eco straws with our big love and care.

Pumpkin powder

Pumpkin is one of the highly popular vegetable items in Sri Lanka and its rich in nutrition. Due to this level of nutrition’s, its extremely popular among the youth & senior citizen of Sri Lanka.

Pumpkins are naturally high in beta-carotene, which is an excellent source of vitamin A. Pumpkin powder provides a variety of other nutrients, including multiple B-vitamin’s, Vitamins C & E and potassium, it also boasts a very low-calorie content, low sugar and high fiber content.

Health benefits of Pumpkin powder

Pandan Leaves (Rampe) / Pandan Leaves (Rampe) Powder

Pandan leaves have a unique and distinct grassy aroma when first crushed that mellows out to a subtle, herbal, and floral aroma. Pandan leaves are rich in essential oils, glycosides, and alkaloids and also contain traces of tannin and isoprene esters. They are traditionally used to reduce symptoms of pain and fevers and are used as a laxative

Curry Leaves /Curry Leaves Powder

Curry leaves and Curry leaves powder provide numerous health benefits due to the presence of anti-inflammatory compounds. Consuming curry leaves and powder may boost brain and digestive health, improve feelings of fullness, lower blood sugar levels, and provide antibacterial effects. Also, your food is both healthy and tasty along with pleasing aroma.


Cloves are the mature dried unopened flower of the clove tree. The taste and aroma of cloves are extremely intense and spicy! There is an astringent quality to it, and it has strong, pungent and sweet flavor with a hint of bitterness,
Clove, one of the most prized and expensive spices from the ancient times. It is largely used as dried whole buds. Ground clove is a major ingredient in curry mixtures, and clove oil is used for flavoring food, in the pharmaceutical industry, and in the perfume industry. It contains eugenol, a type of antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals in the body thus reducing the risk of developing diseases like heart disease and diabetes.


Using cardamom is no longer restricted to Sri Lankan recipes and foods. Overall, it’s a great all- natural supplement that offers various health benefits, and you can use it to improve your health in more ways than one.

Cardamom includes many vitamins, phytonutrients and essential oils. It acts as antioxidant,
cleaning up free radicals and resisting cellular again.
Health benefits of cardamom:

1. Ease Symptoms of Digestion Problems
2. Detoxify the Body and Remove Waste
3. Get Rid of Halitosis or Bad Breath
4. A Powerful Diuretic